Our ISO-9001-2000 Certification is a seal of approval by which we can guarantee our clients a high-quality product.
Everything created by Plastiques Pro Composite conforms to manufacturing standards established across Canada.

Just Imagine What We Could Do For You…
Several companies have called on our services to create or reproduce models for large-scale production. For example, we contribute to the manufacturing of components for electric cars, parts for school bus cabins, ambulance roofs, etc.

Fibreglass boats, floating docks, deflectors, pedal boat and sandboxes are just a few of the wide range of products we can manufacture.
With our new RTM light molding division, we are now able to manufacture parts with two finished sides. This  helps us to lower our VOC emissions and also to be ahead of futur environmental restrictions.

Plastiques Pro Composite set up a simple and flexible organizational structure enabling us to accommodate orders in a timely manner.

Finally, quick turnaround, conscientious work, specialized staff and high-technology tool equipment are more assets to our credit. And our sole purpose is to put our expertise at your service.